About me

Learner, developer, sometimes musician.

Hi there! I’m Thomas, a software and web developer with a passion for music and sound experimentation. I start to learn programming in 2007, and I never stopped since then, either learning or programming.

I spent most of my career building software for the health sector in France, and I loved it. Now I’m just working my path into the canadian job market, go way out of my comfort zone and try to pursue my career here in Canada.

I’m proficient in PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. I’m also diving into the world of Javascript, particularly ReactJS, while continuously improving my skills. Additionally, I worked with Java and Python, with the latter mainly used for scripting purposes.

Currently, I’m engaged in two exciting side projects. One is PlaylistShare, a music tracking application I use daily, built using PHP Laravel and ReactJS. The other is an experimental music album generator for HNW (Harsh Noise Wall) artists, originally written in Java, I rewrote it in Rust a while ago.

I thrive on learning new things daily, solving problems, and just improving myself overall.

Beyond the tech world, I’m an avid music and video game enthusiast, an average electric guitar player, and I also enjoy spending time hiking and walking. And coffee. Is it really worth living without coffee?