About me

Learner, developer, sometimes musician.

Hi there! I’m Thomas, a software and web developer with a passion for music and sound experimentation. I’ve been in this field since 2009, and I love delving into new projects.

In addition to my tech background, I spent 13 fulfilling years working in the health sector in France, creating software for retirement homes. However, I recently relocated to Canada in May 2023.

My primary focus lies in PHP frameworks like Symfony and Laravel. I’m also diving into the world of Javascript, particularly ReactJS, while continuously improving my skills. Additionally, I work with Java and Python, with the latter mainly used for scripting purposes. Currently, I’m engaged in two exciting side projects. One is PlaylistShare, a platform that allows sharing of listened albums, built using PHP Laravel and ReactJS. The other is an experimental music album generator for HNW (Harsh Noise Wall) artists, developed in Java.

I thrive on learning new things daily, solving complex problems, and ensuring my projects are easily understandable for most people.

Beyond the tech world, I’m an avid music and video game enthusiast, an average electric guitar player, and I also enjoy spending time hiking and walking. Life is all about exploring different avenues and interests, and I’m constantly up for the challenge.